I’ve said it before but its important: IF YOU SEND ME MONEY IN THE MAIL, IT’S HIGHLY LIKELY THAT I WILL SPEND IT AND NEVER GET AROUND TO SENDING YOU ANYTHING! I’ve just been too busy to do much of my own mail order these days. Luckily, there are many fine places to get my book, zines, or records…


I recommend trying to get your local indy bookstore to carry it (or, for punks, of course, stealing it from Borders!) but if you want to order online, try ordering from Soft Skull, Powell’s Books, or City Lights.

If you are a bookstore, Perseus is Soft Skull’s distributor and Last Gasp should be carrying the book by the end of June.


Issues 5, 5 1/2, and 6 of Scam, are all still readily available, as is my collaboration with Caroline Paquita, ZINE LIBS (based on Mad Libs). You can order any of these from Last Gasp, , Little Type, or Microcosm.


The box sets I made with Rigo are probably best ordered from Needles and Pens or Booklyn. Booklyn may have copies that are signed by Rigo.


All ONION FLAVORED RINGS records are in print and are available from Little Type Distro or No Idea. The HORRIBLE ODDS LP is also still available from either of those distros. One ALLERGIC TO BULLSHIT record on Left Off The Dial Records is out of print. There are a couple 100 of the other ones hidden in the house of the parents of the kid who put it out and we are trying to get our old drummer to steal them back for us. Wish us luck! MIAMI/SHOTWELL CD’s are available from No Idea Distro. Both YE OLDE BUTTFUCK 7″‘s have sadly lapsed out of print, and I only have about 8 of the CHICKENHEAD/LOS CANADIANS CD’s left (try Little Type or No Idea for these as well?) The long lost CHAOS LR and HIDDEN RESENTMENTS 7″‘s have just been put up for free download on Buddha’s site. You should check it out!

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